Family Law & Divorce Attorney In Orange County, CA

TRUST IS EVERYTHING. Ms. Mulligan knows the law, understands the ins and outs of the judicial system, and always has her clients' best interests at heart. She focuses on her clients' goals and does everything in her power to make sure those goals are achieved. She is honest, hardworking, and dedicated to her clients. She appreciates the emotional nature of family law cases and makes sure that her clients are informed and feel supported. She has a proven track record both inside and outside the courtroom and is experienced in all family law matters.

When your family and everything you have worked for is on the line, choosing the wrong family law attorney can be financially and emotionally devastating. Do not fall for an attorney who capitalizes on the emotional nature of your family law case by employing scare tactics (e.g. "I'm a pitbull!"). Unethical attorneys routinely throw around terms like "breach of fiduciary duties" and attempt to convince unknowing litigants that they "need" to file "ex parte (emergency)" requests. If you fall for it, the attorney ends up several thousand dollars richer but you will have absolutely nothing to show for it in the end.

Orange County Family Law Lawyer

Choosing the best family law & divorce attorney in Laguna Hills and Orange County, California can be difficult. Your attorney needs to understand family law and your goals. Christie M. Mulligan has over 15 years of experience fighting for her clients. She focuses on family law including divorce, child custody and spousal support.

The law office of Christie M. Mulligan is dedicated to providing professional family law services in Orange County, CA. She prides herself on being honest and direct, while maintaining her integrity. She is dedicated to her clients and getting the best results possible. As a professional family law attorney in Laguna Hills, she works hard to making sure her clients know their rights.

Family Law Services Include But Not Limited To:

  • Divorce (Dissolution) - Contested and Uncontested
  • Paternity
  • Legal Separation
  • Annulment (Nullity of Marriage)
  • Child Custody
  • Child Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support (Alimony)
  • Modification of Court Orders
  • Enforcement of Orders
  • Restraining Order (Protective Order)

When you meet with Christie Mulligan, she has experience with many categories of family law. She will be able to give you the personal attention that you need. Each situation is unique and she has the expertise to help you through your legal matter.

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In Divorce cases, a Judgment of Dissolution will be entered that terminates the marriage and addresses how assets/debts will be divided, child custody/visitation, child support and/or spousal support, and attorney's fees and costs.

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Child Custody

The legal standard for making child custody and visitation orders is what is in the best interest of the child(ren). That is true whether it is a temporary or permanent order and it is also the legal standard when a party seeks to modify a custody and/or visitation order.

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Child Support

Child support is determined by a computer software program that takes into account various factors - primarily the timeshare with the child(ren) and both parties' gross month income. That same program is used to calculate temporary spousal support.

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