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"I recently had the privilege of working with attorney Christie Mulligan, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for her exceptional legal expertise and unwavering support. From the moment I engaged her services, Christie demonstrated a remarkable combination of friendliness, helpfulness, empathy, and profound legal knowledge.

Christie's friendly demeanor immediately put me at ease, creating an atmosphere where open communication and trust could thrive. Her approachability allowed me to discuss my case with comfort, knowing that I had a dedicated advocate in my corner.

What truly sets Christie apart is her unparalleled ability to blend assertiveness with genuine care. She navigated the complexities of my legal situation with confidence and determination, ensuring that every aspect of my case was thoroughly addressed. Christie's assertive nature was not only reassuring but also instrumental in achieving the positive outcomes we desired.

One of Christie's standout qualities is her profound empathy. She took the time to understand not just the legal intricacies of my case but also the personal impact it had on me. This empathetic understanding created a strong attorney-client bond, making me feel valued beyond the confines of my legal matters.

Knowledge is power, and Christie is a powerhouse of legal expertise. Her in-depth understanding of the law, coupled with a keen awareness of current legal trends, allowed her to provide insightful guidance tailored to my specific situation. Christie's ability to explain complex legal concepts in a clear and concise manner was invaluable, ensuring I was well-informed and confident in the decisions we made together.

Most importantly, Christie delivers results. Her commitment to achieving positive outcomes is evident in the dedication she invests in each case. Whether through negotiations or courtroom advocacy, Christie's tenacity and strategic approach consistently yield favorable results.

What sets Christie apart is her genuine care for her clients as individuals. Beyond the legal complexities, she took the time to understand my concerns, priorities, and personal circumstances. This holistic approach reassured me that I had not just an attorney but a compassionate ally who genuinely cared about my well-being.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Christie as an outstanding attorney. Her unique blend of friendliness, helpfulness, empathy, knowledge, assertiveness, and results-oriented approach make her an exemplary legal advocate. If you're seeking not only legal expertise but also a compassionate and dedicated ally, Christie is the attorney you can trust."

- Mark M., January 2024
"Christie is kind, generous with her time, and answered all of my friend's questions patiently and accurately. It was only a free consult, but I would recommend you reach out to her for your legal needs. You can tell she really cares about helping people, is wise, and professional."
- Priscilla P., January 2023
"I hired Christie to give me legal advice. She's awesome! She's genuine and caring. In other words, she's absolutely refreshing to deal with. And she definitely knows what she's doing! I greatly appreciate how she went out of her way to help me and made everything more easy to navigate. I highly recommend her!"
- Sabrina G., January 2023
"Christie is an amazing attorney. Extremely quick and efficient. I had another attorney who completely dropped the ball and Christie had to come in and clean up the mess. Everything was completed in the time frame I needed. Thanks so much Christie!!"
- Cee C., January 2023
"Christie was a dream to work with. She's brilliantly quick minded and whited! She doesn't waste your time, like other lawyers to clock hours. She was extremely helpful for my case and reasonably priced for teh quality of her representation. I would refer her to anyone who asked me for a family law expert any day!"
P.S. she's got common sense down which is not so common any more! 5 star all the way!
- Shelly O., October 2021
"I had a quick legal question regarding my divorce. Christie reached out within an hour of submitting a request for a consultation on their website. She was helpful and professional - would 100% recommend!"
- Jonathan S., October 2021
"I just needed direction on what to do moving forward and Ms. Mulligan could not have been more helpful and gracious. If I need her services, I will no doubt call upon her to be there for me. Thank you so much Ms. Mulligan!"
- J L., October 2021
"Prenups and cohabitation agreements can be difficult to navigate, both legally and emotionally. A consult with Christie revealed how informed and adept she is in these matters. She is honest, forthright and looks out for anyone's interest. She is very easy to reach, so find out for yourself."
- Emo S., April 2021
"Christie is a smart and aggressive trial attorney. Her passion for representing her client is clear in all that she does and the results she obtains. You will want her on your side!"
- Stephanie Bridgett, District Attorney of Shasta County, February 2020
"Extremely dedicated, hard working and honest."
- John Carelli, January 2020​
"I have watched Christie in Court countless times. She is knowledgeable, charismatic, and powerful. She represents her clients zealously but with ethics and integrity. As a fellow Family Law Attorney I see in Christie what other attorneys should strive for. I highly recommend her for any family law matter you have. She is the best of the best."
- Karen Smith, January 2020​
"Christie Mulligan represented me when I was going through a contentious divorce. She thoroughly prepared for trial after trying to get the other party to be reasonable. Her knowledge of family law and her tenacity is outstanding. I recommend her for any family law matter."
- Terri Rollins Morelock, January 2020​
"I have worked with Christie Mulligan on a professional level for a number of years in the past. She is professional and extremely dedicated to her clients she represents."
- J.P. Scarry, January 2020
"I'm a partner at a litigation firm in Ms. Mulligan's former community of Redding. Without hesitation, I can say Ms. Mulligan is a dedicated and diligent family law attorney who provides her clients with caring and affordable representation. I have confidently referred friends and family memebers to her and she has consistently achieved superior results for them. I highly recommend Ms. Mulligan to anyone seeking advice or representation in a family law matter."
- Paul Christopher Meidus, January 2020
"As a court reporter, I have had a front row seat watching Ms. Mulligan represent and fight for her clients for many years. She is very knowledgeable and experieinced in everything family law. In the courtroom, you definitely want her on your team."
- Craig Wood, January 2020
"Christie is a dedicated & hard working attorney. She is passionate about family law & will go to battle for you in the courtroom. She’s always honest with what is going on with a case & will do whatever she can for the best result. She’s definitely a person/attorney you want by your side!"
- Brianne Christensen, January 2020
"I recently contacted Ms. Mulligan for legal guidance regarding a Family Law issue. Her prompt reply to me was far beyond my expectations. Ms. Mulligan’s integrity is clearly noted. Her loyalty to a potential client spoke volumes. Her strong sense of commitment, expertise and guidance was of great help. Ms. Mulligan’s advise, honesty and openness helped direct us to strategic and a well thought out 'plan of action.' On behalf of myself and my family, I extend a sincere thank you and, without doubt, highly recommend her and her services."
- Paula and Mike Zearley, February 2020
"Family Law matters and partcularly custody issues with young children are tough on all involved. An attorney who understands the range of emotions both sides are going through is hard to find but essential for the well being of all in my opinion. In our case we used the services of three different attorneys over approximately four years in the Redding area. The first was a cry baby who couldn't deal with direct confrontation from his client, he was fired. Next was Ms. Mulligan who navigated the extreme dysfunction of the Trinty County Court with precision and tact and skillfully disected the opposing attorney's attempts to further allow the child to suffer by effecting attempts to exploit the system, waste the Court's time and bleed the opposite side dry of the limited funds they had. In extreme contrast Ms. Mulligan is a class act, smart, intuitive, fair, honest, agressive, focused and balances this well with her genuine concern and integrity. Even after we finally won custody, as I would send her updates on the child's continued improvements, Christie never failed to take interest, thank me for the updates and even encouraged them. She takes a real interest in her cases and is highly recommended by my family. YOU WANT MS. MULLIGAN ON YOUR SIDE.​"
- Scott O., April 2012
"I was an out-of-town client and Christie Mulligan was recommended by a local counselor to help initiate a change of custody motion. Ms. Mulligan was extremely sensitive to our needs and used her expertise to successfully navigate a complex family law situation. She ultimately helped us achieve a favorable court ruling against considerable odds. Her honesty and integrity are to be commended and I give her my highest recommendation."
- thespartangroup, April 2012
"The legal advice and service I received from Christie was worth every penny!! She kept me up-to-date on the progress of my divorce and performed like a champ in the courtroom. She was always professional, returned calls and emails in a timely manner (practically a lost art!) and never rushed me out the door. I was extremely happy with the overall outcome and would recommend her to any of my friends."
- xiuxiu, April 2012
"If there was a space for more stars, I would click on every single one of them. Christie has been nothing but professional—she offered many different scenarios as to how best handle my case (divorce). She is very responsive and never makes you feel like you are asking a stupid question. I would highly recommend Christie to anyone looking for a sharp, go getter attorney."
- Patricia B., April 2012